Orthopaedic implants and surgical tools

Our goal is to elevate the satisfaction of surgeons and their patients.

We do this by remaining true to proven bio-mechanical principles and applying these principles to implants and technology that deliver an easy to use, long lasting result.

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Primary Knee

Uni Knee

Revision Knee

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Revision Hip 

Ceramic Heads

Surgical tools






Low Profile Cables



Osteointegration vs. Cement

Presented by Dr. Leo Whiteside 

June 2019

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  At Signal we are proud of our legacy of innovation and our pioneering spirit. For more than 20 years we’ve designed and manufactured our products in the USA to meet the high demands of surgeons and their patients. Grounded by research, fueled by a passion to improve patient’s lives and centered on timeless fundamentals, we strive to deliver the best solution, without compromise.

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